I am a TV and feature screenplay writer and former corporate lawyer.

I love immersing myself in research to understand the lives of characters whose backgrounds are vastly different from my own and creating stories. My characters serve as inspiration and education for me and hopefully for my readers/audience.

I write about unsung heroes from the past, young (or sometimes older) people coming of age, and rebels against injustice. I also love finding the humor in the quirks and flaws that make us human.

My short stories have been featured in literary magazines and I’ve published two novels (A Suitable Husband, set in prewar Poland and Children of Lies, set in 1980s NYC).

I adapted my novels into TV pilot screenplays (Dangerous Choices, and Crossing Over). (see awards on Screenplay page)

My love of comedy and skills honed at UCB, the Magnet Theater and while performing on indie improv teams in NYC, led to the development of a half-hour comedy pilot for a family TV series, Dylan, P.I. (which scored an Industry 8 on Blacklist)

Learn more about my pilots here!

Pitch decks and proof-of-concept video are available upon request.

I’m currently working on a dramedy feature screenplay called The Last Con.

Connect with me at LinkedIn or Coverfly or visit my Contact Page