TV Pilot Screenplays

DANGEROUS CHOICES a One-hour Drama Pilot

As Europe moves closer to war, and antisemitism in 1930s Poland grows, a young Jewish woman joins a rebellious group of young people with ties to Palestine. But her mother and a persistent suitor have other ideas.

Dangerous Choices is the story of a young woman daring to defy family expectations as in the series Unorthodox or Dickinson, with the sense of imminent disaster of Titanic.

Awards: Austin Film Festival 2022, Second Rounder, Miami Screenplay Awards 2021, Semifinalist; WeScreenplay TV Pilot Contest 2020: Semifinalist

DYLAN P.I. a Half-hour Family Comedy Pilot

After she’s expelled from junior college, Dylan is determined to make it as a private eye in 1980s suburbia with help from her ten-year-old niece and wisecracking grandma. Veronica Mars meets Scooby Doo.

Awards: Blacklist Industry Rated – 8, Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder 2022, Big Apple Film Festival 2022, Quarterfinalist

“Dylan P.I. would be a perfect young adult mystery series for a platform like Disney+” – Blacklist Reviewer

CROSSING OVER a One-Hour Drama Suspense Pilot

In the late 1980s, as the intifada sends shockwaves across the world, an idealistic Jewish premed student falls for a talented Palestinian doctor and is drawn into a world of intrigue that tests her limits and challenges her core beliefs.

Awards: Miami Screenplay Awards 2021: Semifinalist; WeScreenplay TV Pilot Contest 2021, Quarterfinalist; NYC International Screenplay Awards 2021, Quarterfinalist