I Made a Short Film!

Some people write original TV pilots as a kind of “calling card” to get a job in a writers’ room. But for me, the goal is to get a pilot produced. In service of that goal, I decided to make a proof of concept video of my TV Pilot screenplay, Dangerous Choices, which is like […]

The Power of Positive

If you fail a test, get rejected for a job, or aren’t invited to a party, do you immediately forget about it and think about all the good things in your life? Or do you wallow in misery, feel like a failure, and fall into a funk? If it’s the latter, you are not alone. Social scientists posit that […]

Journaling Apps

I plan to try different journaling apps, in order to offer recommendations. I’d also be interested in publishing user reviews of journaling apps, so if you have tried any of them, please send me your thoughts and I will post them, or simply use the comment section. Today, I tried The Journal App, which is for […]


Commady No, that isn’t a misspelling. It’s a joke, because it turns out that commas can be funny. I discovered this while teaching my advanced ESOL writing students. Most of the class time is spent reviewing student essays, addressing organization, clarity, grammar, and word choice. The essays range from funny to poignant to informative, and […]

Writing to reduce anxiety

The paperback version of The Journal Project is in the works. It will be out in the next few weeks. One section deals with the value of writing not only about joyful moments, but also about anxieties or problems. The very process of writing can give clarity to a problem and make it easier to accept. […]

Author Talks

I have been giving Author Talks at libraries and book groups. It’s wonderful to meet readers and potential readers and give them some background on the genesis of the book and the history of the period, and to get their thoughts on the story. I’ve had wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful audiences, so far.