Writing to reduce anxiety

The paperback version of The Journal Project is in the works. It will be out in the next few weeks. One section deals with the value of writing not only about joyful moments, but also about anxieties or problems. The very process of writing can give clarity to a problem and make it easier to accept. I experienced this firsthand, recently. I was very anxious about something and tried talking it through with my husband, but that didn’t help and I had a sleepless night. The next morning I decided to write about my problem in the form of a letter. The letter will never be mailed, but as I wrote I began to feel better. Writing allowed me to fully express my feelings and clarified my thoughts. It gave them a form, distinct from me, and by separating them from myself, I got some perspective and felt much better. I highly recommend writing as a way to reduce anxiety. It’s not the main purpose of a journal, but a great side benefit in those moments when needed.

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