In 1930s Poland, the economy is crumbling, the government is in chaos, and Jewish groups argue over how best to deal with the worsening situation. Among them are the Guardsmen, daring and organized young Zionists who are determined to start a new life in Palestine.

A SUITABLE HUSBAND brings this vibrant period alive with the story of Bianca Lieber, caught between the pressure to marry Alex, the intelligent but staid doctor presented by the matchmaker, and Wolf, the intrepid Zionist leader who can help her get to Palestine.

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Praise for A Suitable Husband:

“…A compelling and superbly written page-turner…With engaging characters, appealing subplots, and a fascinating historical background…A Suitable Husband is a highly satisfying read…” Long Island Woman Magazine

“…Lerner is a master at moving from the unsettling political scene to the equally unsettling turmoil of young love…” Karen Casey Fitzjerrell, EPIC award winning author.

“…A stunning portrayal of the changing social and political climate of 1930s Poland …” -Les Edgerton, author of nine novels including Just Like That and Hooked

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“There are so many truths. Which one do you want?”

Children of Lies is the story of two people in love, trapped in a political maelstrom, and a suspenseful and thought-provoking thriller set in NYC and Israel.

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From Publishers Weekly Review:

Lerner delivers a fast-paced and well-researched love story set against the turmoil of the Israel/Palestine conflict……with effective analogies, insightful observations into human emotion and behavior…and the hypnotic power of charismatic personalities……Her prose offers nimble transitions between the love story and more sociological content, balancing the two elements with poise. (BookLife Prize)

From Kirkus Reviews:

 “…Lerner’s novel explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a young Jewish woman’s romance with a Palestinian doctor…She ably handles the delicate politics of the conflict, using different characters to express different views… Rachel’s own education will benefit readers who are less aware of the complicated history…  A thoughtful mix of romance and politics…” 

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