Book Club Discussion Questions, Children of Lies

  1. As a child, Michael was torn between his father and Akil. Why do you think he committed himself to Akil?
  2. What influences and events led Michael to moderate his views from those held by Akil?
  3. Did the fact that Rachel was Jewish allow Michael to get closer to her? Have you ever felt it easier to get close to someone you felt, for whatever reason, was not someone “appropriate” for you?
  4. What influences and events in Rachel’s life led her into a relationship to Michael?
  5. Do you think Rachel was naïve, or did she see a truth about Michael that even he didn’t see?
  6. Why was Akil so determined to derail the peace talks? Did you sympathize with his views?
  7. Why did Rivka keep the secret about Rachel’s dad? Was she wrong to do so? What would you have done in her situation?
  8. In what ways is the novel simply about a girl grieving for her father?
  9. What do you think will happen to Rachel after the conclusion of the novel?
  10. Did you have a pre-existing bias towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict before reading the novel? Did the book alter your view or make you rethink it?