Journaling Apps

I plan to try different journaling apps, in order to offer recommendations. I’d also be interested in publishing user reviews of journaling apps, so if you have tried any of them, please send me your thoughts and I will post them, or simply use the comment section.

Today, I tried The Journal App, which is for Windows PCs. I prefer typing on my computer and thought it would be good to find alternatives to Word. This app is made to resemble an open notebook, centered on the screen on a computer. It doesn’t take up the whole screen, though, which is a little odd and makes it harder to read.

The best part about it is that it has options for writing, importing images/video/music, adding doodles (which are like emojis) and even drawing. You can create any number of separate journals and organize them with chapter numbers and names. They offer different themed journals for purchase, but a free standard one is available.

I liked that The Journal App allows for the inclusion of different media, but there were some negatives. First, the text button worked fine to open up a box and allow typing, and then it didn’t work. Then, when I tried saving and printing, the file was saved, but there was no content in it. It offers to let you print through one of their “trusted” services, so it’s possible it won’t allow you to save and print on your own.  Lastly, it is only available for use on a PC, which is limiting.

So while it’s nice to have the look and feel of a book, even while on a computer, I think I will look further for some better journal apps!

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